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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Twitter - Everyone's Doing It

Who knew there'd ever come a day when twittering would be acceptable. Imagine people twittering everywhere. On the bus, One the train. People are twittering from the Senate floor and from the delivery room.

Maybe our need for connection is far greater than we ever imagined. There is no caste system is twitter. The actual act of twittering is known as sending a tweet. Tweet, Tweet. The famous, the infamous and the unknown are all sending tweets.

Just a blurb. With twitter you've only got 140 characters to get your point acrosss. It helps a lot for those of us who have problems with brevity and conciseness. The impact of twiiter has not gone unnoticed. Twitters popularity induced Facebook to come up with a much lamented change to it's users home pages to be more competitive with twitter. While the change may be more competitive with twitter it has ticked off a number of facebook users who don't like the change.

Writers on Associated Content have weighed in on twitter. In honor of twitter's 3rd birthday let's see what everyone is saying.

Twitter is Now 3 Years Old by Curtis Johnson

Why I Use Twitter by Randy Inman

Celebrities Who Use Twitter by Single Mom

Twitter. Twitter: A Case for Social Media by Roomy Naqvy

Don't Be a Follower Except on Twitter by Claudia Broome

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