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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Politically Speaking

The political scene these days is a hotbed and a minefield rolled into one. The fight to secure the Democratic nomination is all but over. Now we turn our attention to the run for the roses, as it were. Each of us has our ideals that we espouse, however in the coming years, I believe that in order to be effective we will have to put aside our party favorites and embrace bipartisanism. My feeling is that we can work together or perish apart. Looking toward November, AC Content Producers are weighing in from both sides of the aisle. As it turns out everything is not about the Presidential election, so I've tried to add some other political happenings.

White House Loses Boumediene Case: Supreme Court Sides Against Bush, Protects Habeas Corpus by Tina Molly Lang
The Supreme Court's ruling in favor of Boumediene is a victory for habeas corpus. Yet in the ongoing debate between national security and civil liberties, questions remain.

Supreme Court Rules Against Bush Administration, Resurrects Habeas Corpus by Saul Relative
In what might be the most important decision made by the Supreme Court of the United States during the Bush Administration, five justices ruled in Boumedienne v. Bush on Thursday.

Nevada Polls: John McCain with Slight Lead over Barack Obama by Michelle McDonough
The competition to gain the five electoral votes of Nevada has been very tight during the past four presidential elections, and the current race appears to be shaping up the same way.

Presidential Polls in Arizona by Jen
Now that Hillary Clinton has conceded the Democratic primary race to Barack Obama, attention on the campaign trail shifts to trying to predict the outcome of the presidential election between the junior senator from Illinois and John McCain.

California Polls: Barack Obama Over John McCain by Nneka Onu
Although he lost the California Primary Election in February, Barack Obama is heavily favored to win California in November.

African American Conservatives Admit to Being Conflicted when it Comes to Barack Obama by Demetria Dixon
As many African American conservative take into account the historical significance of Barack Obama's nomination, more and more are experiencing divided loyalties

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