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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tips for Better Web and SEO Writing

Before I started blogging, I didn't really give a thought to keywords, tags or labels or what a search engine cared about. When I was just a regular writer, I cared if my prose was coherent, exciting, sensual or any of a thousand other adjectives. Whether google could find it or not was not my main concern. Then I entered the blogosphere. For the first few months, oh alright for the first year, I had no clue about Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and I figured those tags that everyone kept asking for was just a way to slow me down and to annoy the crap out of me. Little did I know that the quest for good SEO keywords that I could then weave into an article which I hope is still coherent, exciting and or sensual would all but consume me. For those of you who are still like, What!, Don't despair I have been there and if you really want to know the truth some days I still feel like I'm in the dark. This is why I turn to my learned colleagues on Associated content who have not only mastered the art of garnering page views but who have also proven that they are not greedy. They've each written articles that can help you navigate through the sometimes confusing world of keyword placement, page rank, google page placement, alexa rankings and SEO. Take some time too ead the following articles and they'll give you a leg up when it comes to taking a bite out the page view apple.

How to Achieve Your Financial Goals Writing for Associated Content
Hopefully these simple steps will help you to produce more webs content for Associated Content, increase your fan base, and keep the dreaded writer's block and dead space in your day from taking over.

Using Textalyser to Improve Your Keyword Density... - by Cary Stuart

How to Write SEO Articles in Four Easy Steps by Yuwanda Black
There is a specific way to write content so that you get found online. Here I will walk you through the steps of writing effective content (SEO articles) so that you drive more traffic to your website.
How to Make Money by Writing for Associated Content by Jennifer Claerr
It isn't difficult to make money writing for Associated Content. The trick to making money on the site is knowing which topics generate the most page views.

Improve Your Writing with the Textalyser Keyword Tool by Tsu Dho Nimh
Textalyser does more than calculate keyword density. It can do a reality check on your writing style.

Pre-Write or Be Doomed - Web Writing Success - Pam Gaulin
To truly be a successful writer or make money online with web writing, you need to be able to pre-write constantly.
The 7 Deadly Sins of Writing for the Web. 7 Quick Reasons Why No One Read Your Last Article by the Barefoot
Have you been wondering if people are reading your latest content? Are the lack of comments driving you crazy? You believe you write well, but still have no readers? Learn the 7 biggest reasons you are not being read.
Effective SEO to Optimize Your Website by Cheryl Carpenter
Search engine optimization (SEO), is one of the most popular ways to send traffic to your site.
Sue Richardson
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an intimidating sounding term. But don't let it intimidate you; you can get your arms around it! The concept, including niches, spiders and keywords, isn't as difficult to understand as it sounds. Keep trying; the understanding will come.

Using Free SEO Link Back Sources to Increase the Earning Potential of Your Web Content by Eisla Sebastian
To make money only with web content you need to do more than just produce a ton of content. You also need to create lots of fingers that point to your contents' locations. Use the following free web resources to develop your SEO link backs for the coming year.

Keyword Articles, Webcopy, SEO Articles - What Are They, and How Do They Benefit You? by Michelle (Michy) Devon
We've all heard about keyword density, keyword saturation, SEO optimization, and the like. What do these words really mean? How does it affect you as an article writer? Read this article for a brief introduction into keyword articles.

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